Gai Lam, Vietnamese restaurant

Located in 8th avenue on 53rd street.


Grilled chicken bun aka on rice vermicelli, topped with peanuts and scallions. There’s a vegetable mixture of Lettuce, bean sprouts, etc underneath everything. A small bowl of fish sauce on the top right hand side.


This is how it looks all tossed up with fish sauce poured on top. Yum! The grilled chicken was chicken thighs, juicy and seasoned very well. Fresh vegetables and soft vermicelli. I am glad to try out this restaurant!

Mei Hibachi Japanese steak house


Hibachi salmon with shrimp, fried rice, lo mein, mixed vegetable. Soup and salad on the side.

The salmon and shrimp were cooked nicely, very juicy and flavorful. The rice and lo mein on your other hand was bland. I mixed the sauce from the vegetable and seafood with the carbs, it tasted better.

Basic salad and soup, can’t complain. Overall, a ok lunch.