AYZA Wine and chocolate bar

Met up with ex co workers for drinks and catching up on events.


Chocolate martinis!  From left to right,  peppermint,  raspberry and classic.  All were delicious!  My fav was the peppermint one.

We decided to share a bunch of appetizers.


Roasted eggplant and pita. Very good!  Creamy eggplant and warm and toasted pita bread.


Avocado steak fries. Creamy avocado and crunchy batter. Yum. Nice and spicy aioli on the side.


Angry chicken lollipops.  Meaty drumsticks with a nice hosin sauce.


Mushroom pita tart aka mushroom pizza.  I love this!  Cheesy and yummy.  I always want more mushrooms of course.


I forgot which salad this way but was also very good. Manchego cheese, lots of nuts,  arugula and dates.


Grilled shrimp on tofu. Nice bite size appetizer! Shrimp was a bit small but tasty.


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