Food gallery 32


Top pictured are beef bun and a pork bao. I tried the pork bao and it was very good.  Juicy,  porky and nice and fluffy bun.

Bottom pictured was my lunch,  fish cake soup and spicy rice cakes. Yum.  Totally hit the spot!

Whitmans burger


Green chile avocado cheeseburger.  Diced poblano peppers, big slices of avocado,  small but thick beef patty, american cheese and pickled onions on top of a soft bun.  Delicious!  Pair this up with their french fries and you’re all set!



Had lunch with brother and co worker at penn station, Pennsy.

Left side first, top was  roast beef sandwich and bottom is the Angus steak sandwich from Pat Lafrieda. Both were really good!  Juicy and well seasoned. Got the mac n cheese from there too. It had short ribs and truffle oil in it.

Also got the salmon poke roll from the Little Beet. Pretty much a burrito size sushi roll.  It was good but a bit lacking for 10 bucks.  Worth trying out but prob not getting it again. 

The Hog Pit, nyc


From top left to right : mac n cheese with bacon on curly fries, bbq wings, pulled pork nachoes, buffalo wings.

Bottom left to right: sampler platter that consisted of tortilla chips, buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, spinach dip and fries pickles, fried frog legs! 

Yum!  Not shown in pictures, bbq baby back rib with curly fries and corn bread. Everything tasted great! My fav was the mac n cheese w bacon and curly fries and the pulled pork nachoes.

No bake Oreo Cheesecake



Yum!  Came out really well.  I found this recipe online and used reduce fat cream cream cheese and the new Oreo thins instead.

8 ounces of reduced fat cream cheese
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
8 ounce tub of Cool Whip (or store brand)
1 premade pie crust (oreo cookie filling)
A pack of Oreo thins or regular Ores

Using a handheld mixer, mix the room temperature cream cheese with the sugar and vanilla extract until blended.

Crush 10 regular Oreo cookies or half a a sleeve of Oreo thins and add that into the cream cheese mixture.

Fold the whipped topping into the oreo cream cheese mixture, don’t over mix.

Then pour the mixture into the pie crust and refrigerate 2 hours. Enjoy!