Anniversary celebration!

Brunch and edible arrangements!

Dinner at Olive Garden, italina feasting! 

Trying to eat less carbs 

Ate everything minus the ball of rice. Wanted something filling but low on carb. Sashimi isn’t filling enough (I didn’t eat breakfast) and needed something more substantial. The California roll had some rice on it. Oh wells. Not too bad

Duck Wong

Finally tried out this place thay opened up a little while back. They had noodle soups, dry noodles, wontons, dumplings, country style duck and other dishes.

Ordered the beef brisket noodle soup and added on beef tendon. Very tender and flavorful! Noodles were spot on, not mushy. $7 bucks plus extra $3 for the tendon. Came with cabbage and and seaweed sheet. Worth $10!