Uno Pizzeria and Grill

My birthday dinner! Always wanted to try this restaurant and it did not disappoint!

Guacamole, dip and chips

Mozzarella sticks

Numero Uno deep dish, individual size

Prima pepperoni, individual size

Ridiculously large chocolate cake

Mitsuwa marketplace in NJ

Finally made it here! Been wanting to come here for years!

Went there to check out the Matcha specials and grab dinner. Matcha loot to be posted next, first up, dinner!

Rice balls!!! Salmon, spicy tuna and eel. LOTS of rice, needs more filling but still yummy. Salmon and spicy tuna were $1.90 each. Eel was the priciest and also smallest in size, $2.80.

Black sesame ice cream from Matcha Love! Was delicious! This big cone wad actually a small size and cost $3.75. Totally worth it!